Personalised Stationery
& Gift Ideas
One of the beauties of traditional hand bookbinding is that almost every aspect of the work can be tailored to suit the individual needs of each client.
The same is true for more unusual or specialist books which can be tailored and personalised to suit every occasion and budget.
These books make fabulous gifts for friends and family and those who are special in your life.
Talk to Paul Delrue if you have an idea for a gift or personalised book and explore the possibilities.
The following are examples of the sort of personalised stationery Paul Delrue has worked with previously
Photograph Albums 
Family memories are some of the most precious things we have. Keep your photographs in a personalised album which is designed
to suit you and your photos. There is an almost endless range of materials, colours, shapes and designs which can be used, so talk
to Paul Delrue about what you would like.
These albums can be suitable for digital prints, traditional photos or even sketches and notes. Pages can be made from plain or coloured paper or card, and the albums can be portrairt or landscape orientation.
Artist's Notebooks 
All artists know that a notebook is an important tool when out and about. Making notes and quick sketches about colours, shapes and features of landscapes and other subjects is an essential part of an artist's routine. Keeping such important information together in a suitable notebook which will last for years ensures nothing gets lost.
Artist's notebooks can be made to whatever size suits and of course can use a very wide range of materials from leather and book cloths to decorative papers.
Scrap Albums
In Victorian times scrap albums were one of the main ways of keeping clippings, photos, notes, drawings and other bits and pieces in one place. Now there is something of a resurgence in using scrap albums as a place for keepsakes, letters and special things.
Paul Delrue can make you a personalised scrap album, whether for a gift or for yourself, and create a long lasting and beautiful place to keep those treasured memories.
Gardening Notes 
Any gardener will tell you that it is important to keep notes about what happens in your garden - when and where plants and bulbs are planted, what works and what doesn't work, how vegetables were grown and propogated, and those all-important design hints and tips one collects to make your garden a beautiful place!
A Gardener's notebook is an invaluable tool which will last for generations, passing on all that hard earned wisdom and making a fascinating and useful resourse for everyone who engages in and  appreciates the art of gardening. 
Favourite Recipes 
So many of us have dozens of cookery books but it is often the recipes which get handed down in families or shared amongst friends which are most appreciated and most used.
A personalised recipe book would make a useful and appreciated gift to any cook. Tailored to suit your own requirements in terms of size, colour and materials, explore with Paul Delrue the design you would like, and give someone an exceptional present they will love.
Poetry Books 
Most of us know someone who likes to write poetry - whether romantic, expressive, comedic or some other personal style, poetry is just that - very personal. Having a personalised book in which to write their poetry, a beautiful place in which to record their thoughts, it creates a long lasting and important volume they can look at for years to come.
Whether in a traditional or contemporary style, isn't a personalised poetry book a wonderful gift for someone with a creative flair and joy for words?
Valued Sayings 
We frequently hear or read something which connects to us in some way. A phrase or saying or even a single word can have far more meaning to us than we first realise and it resonates with us for a long time. Capture such moments by keeping a book of those phrases, sayings, poems and words which mean so much to us. Often these words can connect us to a special person, a time or a place, and they deserve to be written down in a beautiful book which can be kept for generations.
Whether a traditional leather bound journal, something bold and contemporary or a straightforward album type book, Paul Delrue can create something which suits you and connects you to your valued sayings for years to come.
Wedding Albums 
No explanation is necessary really, other than to say a wedding is probably the most important day in a couples life. It's memories deserve to be kept in a special album, and one that is tailor made to suit the happy couple and their wonderful day makes an amazing and highly appreciated gift. Those suppled by professional photographers are often extremely expensive and offer very little flexibility in design, materials or colour, so why not find out more about creating a high quality personalised album?
Whether it is a design binding with unique artwork incorporated or a plain cloth or leather design, a wedding album from Paul Delrue will be treasured for many years and help everyone relive the emotion and beauty of  their special day.
Full Leather Presentation Books 
For generations, presentation books have been a highly appreciated and very personalised gift in recognition of some personal achievement or success.
Paul Delrue can bind just about any given book in a special highly personalised binding. These are often asked for as traditional full leather bindings, but can equally be contemporary volumes bound with a unique design signifying something special to the recipient. Whether the occasion is a retirement, a birthday, a sporting or academic celebration, or some other important occasion, a personalised presentation book may be the ideal gift with which to mark it.
Watercolour Sketchbooks 
Whether a proficient artist or a relative beginner, watercolourists will appreciate a good quality watercolour sketchbook. Bound in quality materials and designed to the most appropriate size for the individual, the flexibility available to create something truly personal to the artist means this will be a book of immense personal value. Keeping safe paintings, sketches, artists notes, and other important elements all on a good quality watercolour paper, a personalised Watercolour Sketchbook from Paul Delrue will be a gift which will be truly appreciated (even if it is a gift to yourself!)
Boxes, Slip Cases and Portfolios
Sometimes you already have the book you want to give as a gift, or a volume you want to keep as a special momento. Paul Delrue can make high quality tailored presentation boxes and slip cases, personalised to complement the specific volume you have. Similarly, for specialist requirements, portfolios and folders can be designed to match your specific needs.
Whether covered in a decorative paper or a colourful book cloth, a box or case can be created to suit your particular requirements. Such care and quality in presentation makes your book a stunning gift for a loved one or creates an impressive and protective presence on your bookshelf.