Paul C Delrue - Bookbinder 

Pricing for Book and Bible Repairs 

The pricing of book repairs  is notoriously difficult without seeing the book first, so you will hopefully understand if I start with the disclaimer that 'any suggested prices are only intended to be indicative until the book has been examined first hand.' I hope however that I can at least give you some indication of what a book repair may cost, so you perhaps know what to expect when we discuss your needs in more detail.

There are many different types of repair, depending on the type of book, the original binding style, the current condition of the book and its covers and whether you would like the original binding restored or a new binding created. In essence, the more time involved in the repair, the higher the cost. Similarly, leather work will generally cost a little more than a cloth binding owing to the cost of materials used and the time required to prepare the leather for binding.

Whilst the range of prices for repairs can typically fall anywhere from perhaps £30 to £500 or beyond, the majority of work I carry out probably falls in the range of £75 to £225. A relatively straightforward replacement case binding, based on simple cloth covered boards, where no significant work is required on the book block itself, would typically cost around £50 to £95 including new endpapers if required. Where the spine has been lost or damaged on a cloth bound book and the original boards are to be retained, a repair (known as a cloth re-back) would typically cost around £95 to £150 including a new cloth spine, repairs to the corners of the original boards etc. and new endpapers. Where the book block itself has come apart and needs resewing, this might typically add around £50 - £75 to the price depending on the size and thickness of the book. 

 When an old leather book is in need of repair - perhaps a new spine is needed with raised bands and spine label, repairs to the original board corners, new endpapers and head bands and perhaps some work to repair some of the pages, this may typically cost around £175 to £295. The majority of large old Victorian Bibles we see require a new leather spine, new endpapers and head bands as well as perhaps some internal page repairs. These books can be complex and difficult to work with and as such a repair may typically cost from around £325 upwards. 

Return postage cost, where applicable, would be added to the cost of the repair.