Paul C Delrue - Bookbinder 

Boxes, Slip Cases and other Special Commissions

When you have a special book, be it of intrinsic or sentimental value, one option you may wish to consider is having a bespoke protective box or case made for it.

A drop-back box (left) is a box which totally encases the book whilst also enabling you to easily and safely lift it out when required. Usually lined with suede, cloth or paper, the box is made to compliment the book in colour and style and may be titled an decorated if appropriate.

Alternatively, a slip case may be the preferred option. This protects the book on the shelf whilst leaving the spine edge exposed to be seen. It is possible to have a second slip case outside of the first so the book is enclosed totally for additional protection.

There are also other approaches available such as portfolio style cases.

A portfolio style case for a slim volume

A leather edged slip case

A portfolio case for an album

Albums and Scrap Books
A hand-made album, journal or art book can be a beautiful thing and makes and ideal personalised gift too. 

Talk to Paul about the sort of thing you would like and explore the possibilities of these unique bespoke volumes

Whether for calligraphy, painting, sketching or other art, a bespoke album becomes a treasured thing to keep

All albums and books are made entirely by hand so there is a lot of flexibility in size, structure colour and design to suit your needs.

There is also a wide range of materials you could choose from - hand- decorated papers for example, leathers, vellum or book cloths.