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Below are a small selection of unique design bindings by Paul Delrue.
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The professional organisation for design binders, of which Paul Delrue is a Fellow, is Designer Bookbinders. 
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I had just completed my latest design binding last January 21 before my home and bindery were flooded out. It was not until 6 months later I finally lived and worked in my bindery downstairs, thank god. My latest book was called 'Boy' written by James Hanley. The novel was published in 1931 but had to be withdrawn for four years when the publishers were found guilty of obscene libel. The novel tells of thirteen year old boy Arthur Fearson who, driven by his unhappiness at home, stows away on a merchant ship bound for Alexandria. 'Boy' is bullied and is made of pathetic courage till the end when he is thrown of board by the captain. He has syph caught at the port. “Lost at sea – Ordinary Seaman Arthur Fearon aged fifteen years. RIP” The book ends. My design just hints at the boy's pain, thrown overboard into a sad rough sea. The best of Delrue, I wonder if Mr. James Hanley would understand my binding? This is a fine binding I will keep for myself!!! Perhaps my last?

The MAN Booker Prize for Fiction 2018

Each year, the authors of the six shortlisted books in the prestigious Man Booker Prize for Fiction are presented with a design binding of their book at the awards ceremony. Six Fellows of Designer Bookbinders are selected each year to take part. In 2018, Paul Delrue was invited to create a design binding of 'The Milkman' by Anna Burns. This book went on the win the competition, with the judges being unanimous in their decision. Anna walked away with the £50,000 prize as well as Paul's wonderful binding. Paul's binding is in full green Harmatan goatskin, bound in his own simple 'tudor style' with black leather onlays and tooled detail. The edges are decorated with acrylics and the book was presented in a bespoke drop-back box.

'Alone on The Great Wall'

'On the Black Hill'

'Shakespeare's Sonnets'

'A Shropshire Lad'

'The Wind in the Willows'

'Auto Course'

'Death in Venice'

'Cider with Rosie'

'The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas'

'Sweet Thames Run Softly'



'Peter Pan'

'Sacred Hunger'

Headband - 'Sacred Hunger'

'Age of Chivalry'

'Last Nights of Paris'

'To kill a Mockingbird'

'Pieces for Peace'

'Moonlight at the Globe'

'Childrens Games'