Paul C Delrue - Bookbinder 

Book Repairs

Paul Delrue offers many years experience of skilled book repairs for antiquarian books, special volumes and books which perhaps have family or sentimental value. In addition to more common cloth-bound books, he specialises in traditional quarter, half and full leather volumes. So if you have a book in need of some attention, contact Paul to discuss your particular requirements.

Paul's approach to book and Bible repair work is founded in traditional bookbinding skills. As you would expect for your precious books, everything is done by hand and only the best materials are used. Important details such as headbands can be hand-sewn using quality silk thread, and titling is done using traditional brass hand tools with either real gold leaf or gold foil. Of course this doesn't preclude more routine books being given the same level of care and attention, with the price reflecting the level and nature of the repair work involved.

Bible Repairs

One of the most common requirements we see is to repair or restore a precious family Bible, especially the large Victorian variety which often contain important family history information. 

Although intrinsically these Bibles are usually not of particularly high value, they mean a great deal to the families who have often owned them for perhaps four or five generations. Paul can discuss with you what is required to bring these heirlooms back to their former glory and prepare them to be handed on to the next generation in the family.  

What To Do Next . . .

The first thing to do is to contact Paul directly, either by telephone or e-mail. There is absolutely no obligation, and by chatting to Paul or Adam you will begin to get a better idea of what might be involved in the repair of your book - especially if you can e-mail some photographs to show the damaged areas. In order to give you a firm idea of price however, you will need to send us the book or, of you happen to be in the North Wales area you could call ahead and arrange to drop in to his bindery in Ruthin (the address is at the foot of the page)

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